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1) I can't add prices using the web app.
2) I am primarily a keyboard user. As I tab through the list, I cannot see where my focus is, and so I don't know when to click so that I can edit an item, delete an item, or add a new item.
3) When I turn on an extension that supplies a focus indicator, and tab through each item, I will get to "Delete" and then "Edit", but the visual order of the icons is "Edit" and then "Delete".
4) When I click "Edit" and then tab through the fields in the form, if I tab past Cancel, I wind up on "Delete" for the next item. I should not be able to leave the form without clicking "OK" or "Cancel".

I am a web developer, and I am interested in working on this app for free, if you are willing to take me on.

Thank you,
ClaireElaine -- claireelaine.molnar@gmail.com

Anonymous 2017-10-05 21:59


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Should specify that these problems were found on http://www.listonic.com/lists, not http://app.listonic.com/lists. I didn't know there was a difference, just thought you remade it for some reason.

2017-10-05 22:40

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