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When will the Google Assistant support be ready?
Many thanks for the great app! :)

Anonymous 2018-09-09 22:48
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That would be really awesome

2018-11-26 17:54

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Any news on this ? Google has its own shopping list app integrated with Google Assistant, but it has few of the features that Listonic has.

2019-04-01 07:47

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I recently tried out 5 different reminders apps for my shared grocery shopping list with my wife. Listonic was by far the easiest and most fun to use, but I can't ask Siri or my Google Home to add things to Listonic lists, so I'm stuck using the ios reminders app (I hooked it up to Google Home using IFTTT). If listonic adds ifttt, Siri, or Google Home support, I'll switch in a heartbeat.

2019-10-27 23:16

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Listonic is the best list app - but, please make it perfect. Please add an interface with Google Home. Thanks.

2019-12-29 17:28

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