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I have been using this app for my grocery shopping and it works fine! I have a couple of issues: I never clear the checked items because they will disappear for ever and I will need to pick them up again. The app is oriented to make lists again and again, I prefer to use the same list as I buy mostly the same items again and again. The checked items are also good to remember stuff to purchase (very important). To me the option of clear purchased items is VERY DANGEROUS. Also when all items are checked the system offer you the option to clear the list ==> NO Way! just leave them there. I have added a bogus item in each list that is never checked.

Anonymous 2014-09-13 07:10
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I kind of hate to suppose the following, as I hate supposing anything, but here it is:
If you add a work-around to a suggestion or fault, most people (those responsible for implementing a read fix) will disregard your petition under the impression that you already found a solution yourself... even doctors would if you weren't paying them.

2017-03-29 00:46

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